To start using eSignature with the SimplySign service, download and install the following applications:

Mobile version

Logo simplysign

SimplySign is a mobile application that lets you sign any electronic document.

The application also includes a token code generator, necessary for user identification during the login process

Desktop version

Logo simplysign

Download SimplySign on your mobile device to use the token code generator that identifies the user signing an electronic document on a desktop or laptop: PC / Mac OS.

The application also involves a module allowing you to sign documents on a mobile device.

If you’ve already installed SimplySign on your mobile device, you don’t need to do it again.

Logo simplysign desktop

Download SimplySign Desktop to be able to use the key services available on the market, such as: Płatnik, eDeklaracje, ePUE, etc.

The SimplySign Desktop application emulates the connection of a physical crypto card and a card reader on your computer.

This solution allows you to use SimplySign in applications that require the use of a physical card.

The application also involves the proCertum SmartSign module allowing you to sign documents on a a desktop or laptop: PC / Mac OS.