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SimplySign by Asseco – a cloud based electronic signature solution from Poland. Used for signing PDF, XML and
Microsoft Office documents. Guarantees increased productivity, saves time and money. Works with Adobe Sign and other solutions, and is compliant
with the CSC and eIDAS standards. Available for mobile and desktop devices and as
API, with services offered in the EU and the EMEA regions.

What is Cloud Signature Consortium?

The Cloud Signature Consortium is a group of industry and academic organizations committed to building a
new standard for cloud-based digital signatures that will support web and mobile applications and comply with the mostdemanding electronic signature regulations
in the world. The goal is to provide acommon technical specification that will make solutions interoperable and suitable for uniform adoption
in the global market. This effort was inspired by the need to meet the highest level requirements
of the European Union’s Regulation on Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS), but its impact is expected to be global
as demand for highly secure digital solutions continues to rise.

Secure transactions, on the go
Cloud signing enables secure transactions through web browsers and mobile devices, from your desk or on the go!

Cloud storage, no download
Recipients will be able to easily sign documents stored in the cloud with any device, without having to download them first.

Simple certificate ownership
Nocomplex renewal procedures, no risk of device loss or theft: keys and certificates will be fully managed by Trust Service Providers in the cloud.

Easy deployment for end users
Easier, faster, better! No more smart cards or USB tokens. No more drivers to install. No more client platform dependencies.

What problem does the Consortium solve?


With over 7B mobile devices on the planet and cyber-threats at an all-time high, there is increasing market demand for highly secure digital solutions that also provide great user experiences. New regulations – like eIDAS – amplify that demand by creating higher standards for electronic signature compliance. By providing a common protocol for cloud-based Digital Signatures, the Cloud Signature Consortium will make it possible for industry providers to build experiences that span desktop, mobile and web – and meet market expectations to sign documents anytime, anywhere, and in any application.

What is eIDAS?

How does the Consortium add value to eIDAS?

The European Commission has worked hard to bring eIDAS to life. And yet,
they realize that enabling broad adoption of digital signatures in Europe will take more than just a regulation. To be successful, they
need a complete ecosystem of solutions, technology, and trust service providers that are fully aligned in support of eIDAS
requirements. The Consortium’s leadership in developing this standard demonstrates critical industry commitment to the success
of digital transformation in Europe as a single digital market.

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The solution has not yet entered retail sales. However, if you are interested
in purchasing SimplySign or you just want to learn more about our solution – check out our About Adobe Sign
or write to us using the following form. Our consultant will provide
you with any information you may need.