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Do you want to get to know SimplySign?

It’s so simple!

Do you run a company? Do you manage people? Do you sign documents? Are you constantly on the move, always between
one business meeting and another? We know what it’s like!

With SimplySign you won’t have to worry about all the formalities because
you can sign all important documents securely, regardless of the place and time.


One signature and instant decisions!


We know every minute of your work counts. So wherever you are, you have the solution at your fingertips, so you’ll be able to take care of all the formalities in a blink of an eye. You can sign documents using SimplySign anywhere, anytime. You can do it using your web browser or a dedicated smartphone or tablet app.


One signature, no doubts!


SimplySign is a mobile electronic signature that is as binding as a handwritten signature and, most importantly, it is legally binding throughout the European Union. This is confirmed by the international eIDAS regulation. The tool guarantees a full integrity of the full content of the signed document. You can be sure that no one will interfere in any provisions, and the signature will not be forged.


One signature and many applications!


Thanks to SimplySign you can sign many different kinds of documents. All this with a guarantee of convenience and simplicity. What’s important, you may use SimplySign not only for company-related purposes. With SimplySign, you can easily take care of all your private things (such as contacts with agencies) and business matters.


One signature, no stress!


Data safety and protection is our top priority. We have our own Data Center with state-of-the-art infrastructure covering all of the EU countries. The services provided by Certum are audited by the National Certification Center (NCCERT).


One signature – save time and money!


SimplySign doesn’t only save time but also reduces your company’s expenses. You don’t need to print documents, initial every page, and send them by courier or post. You don’t need to be physically present in the office; instead, you may use the time you saved to win new business contracts.


One signature and everything is in order!


Need to contact public institutions, need efficient flow of e-documents within your company? SimplySign is a versatile tool, so you can use the mobile electronic signature in multiple locations at a time!

How does SimplySign? work?

It’s simple!


Open the document
on a mobile device


Electronically sign the
SimplySign document


The document is signed!
You save time and money

Where can I use SimplySign?

Simply everywhere!

Using SimplySign you can sign:

  • contracts
  • commercial offers
  • corporate documents
  • e-invoices
  • medical documents
  • correspondence with public administration authorities
  • permits for tenders or electronic auctions
  • and a lot more…


The CERTUM qualified certificate, running within SimplySign, is recognized as trusted in PDF documents opened in Adobe software. Thanks to this, the recipients of your documents worldwide will receive a clear notice that they are dealing with a reliable document signed with a secure electronic signature

What do you need to use SimplySign?

Always within reach!

desktop Mobile version
  • Smartphone or tablet
  • Internet access
desktop Traditional version
  • Mobile device + PC
  • Internet access

SimplySign in your business

API available

SimplySign is a simple, fast, and efficient solution, especially for the Enterprise sector.
A signature can be seamlessly integrated with any document/transaction circulation system or
any e-banking system.


Why should you trust SimplySign?

Because we are the leaders

Because we are the leaders Electronic
Signature in Poland

The first mobile qualified
electronic signature available on smartphones

Over 2 million of certificates issued
for our clients worldwide


Electronic Qualified
Timestamp consistent with eIDAS

Electronic signature vs. SimplySign

The comparison!

Classic electronic
signature kit
mobile electronic signature
Recognized certificate
Your e-signature is automatically recognized
in Adobe programs around the world!
Supports key market applications
Works on your
Works without a physical card and reader
Works on multiple platforms
(Windows, macOS, AndroidOS, iOS)
Simple API integration
Strong client authentication
(Strong client authentication)
Compatible with standard e-signature

Do you want to purchase the SimplySign service?

The solution is not available for purchase yet. However, if you are interested
in purchasing SimplySign or you just want to learn more about our solution – check out our FAQ
or write us using the following form. Our consultant will provide
you with any information you may need.